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Astrology Classes
  1. ABC Astrology Classes: Group or Private Sessions. Complete astrology course online (18 weeks to Learn on-your-own).
  2. Astrology Round Table Topical Discussions; Which is a weekly class on Saturdays, PDT at 2pm on Topical Issues, and Astro-Casts Live Broadcast. Archived Past Discussions, and broadcasts.
  3. One-On-One Classes, These are Private sessions outside from the ABC Classes or they can be extended from the ABC Classes. The personal Readings are available by Phone (310) 822-4933 so that anyone can have a reading.

Astrological Consultations and Readings at Keycycles.com.

  1. Ability to Make Money and Prosper
  2. Basic Professional Consultation
  3. Business Predictions
  4. Enlightenment to Your Inner Powers
  5. Investing
  6. Money Career and Profession
  7. What to Do?

I recommend that you Start with "Basic Professional Consultation", then if we see a need for further Issues (a more in-detail analyst) we can go from there.

  1. Relationships “Friends & Lover Report”
  2. Major Life Changes
  3. Major Life Changes Up-Dates
  4. Numerological Report
  5. Professional Natal Report

Sherman Recommends the "Professional Natal Report" for everyone to start.


There are two choices listed on the Page: Keycycles Website, and Research Donation.

We’re requesting your Patronage for the websites success. We’re seeking $1.00/month from everyone that visits Keycycles.com for free access Keycycles.com, and the Newsletter VS Issues; But your generosity isn’t limited to just $1.00 So be as generous as you can be.

ISSUES Newsletter
MERCURY vis. till APR.5,
VENUS vis. till JUN.4,
MARS vis. MAY16,
est = Eastern Standard Time

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SUMMER Stargazing:

Join Sherman in his Voyage into Space
Exploring the SUMMER Sky.
Learn How to Point out the Big Dipper
and other Constellations
and key star Clusters.

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  • Ongoing Beginner & Intermediate Classes
  • Astrology Round Table: JUN.: 4, 11, 18, 25

WORLD Predictions 2011

  • President Barak Obama Nominations.

  • United Nations Select USA & UK to Govern Iraqs Rebuilding with Iraqi Oil.
  • Congressional and State Races; Issues at the Polls.
  • Looking at the Shake-up in the major Brokerage Houses and the Telecoms: Cisco, Xerox, MCI, Lucent, AT&T, Adelphia, Global Crossing, AT&T-AOL, Time WARNER.



WINTER SOLSTICE DEC.21,2009 12:47 pm. Winter Begins. VERNAL EQUINOX MAR.20,2011 6:21 pm. Spring Begins. SUMMER SOLSTICE JUN.21,11 1:17 pm. DC Summer Begins AUTUMNAL EQUINOX SEPT.23,10 5:05 am DC Autumn WINTER SOLSTICE DEC.22,2011 00:30 pm. Winter Begins.


Max. Eastern elongation
09-Apr-2010 07-Aug-2010 MER
15-Jan-2009 20-Aug-2010 VEN

Max. Western elongation
27-Jan-2010 26-May-2010 MER
005-Jun-2009 08-Jan-2011 VEN

29-Mar-2010 25-Jun-2010 MER
04-Oct-2009 17-May-2010 VEN
21-Apr-2009 09-Mar-2011 MAR
20-May-1999 17-Mar-2011 JUP
26-Jul-2003 28-Nov-2032 SAT
22-May-1966 17-Aug-2050 UR
27-Aug-1876 03-Sep-2042 NEP
005-Sep-1989 15-Sep-2237 PL

13-Feb-2010 12-May-2010 MER
24-Jan-2010 06-Sep-2010 VEN
31-Mar-2010 15-Feb-2012 MAR
14-Apr-2005 17-Feb-2017 JUP
11-Sep-1988 17-Apr-2018 SAT
17-Jul-1959 01-Dec-2125 NEP
06-Jun-1866 19-Feb-2114 PL

Inferior Conjunctions
28-Apr-2010 03-Sep-2010 MER
27-Mar-2009 29-Oct-2010 VEN

29-Jan-2010 03-Mar-2012 MAR
14-Aug-2009 21-Sep-2010 JUP
22-Mar-2010 04-Apr-2011 SAT
17-Sep-2009 21-Sep-2010 UR
17-Aug-2009 20-Aug-2010 NEP
23-Jun-2009 25-Jun-2010 PL

Superior Conjunctions
14-Mar-2010 28-Jun-2010 MER
11-Jan-2010 16-Aug-2011 VEN
06-Dec-2008 04-Feb-2011 MAR
28-Feb-2010 06-Apr-2011 JUP
17-Sep-2009 01-Oct-2010 SAT
17-Mar-2010 21-Mar-2011 UR
15-Feb-2010 17-Feb-2011 NEP
24-Dec-2009 27-Dec-2010 PL

All dates and times are UT. For eclipses and transits, the approximate mid-time is listed
  • JUN. 1, 2011 5:03 pm DC;  12 GEMINI PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Finland, Norway,Denmark, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Netherlands, and others: North Atlantic Ocean; Starts off the coast of Prince Edwards Islands; then 35% Mid-way between Iceland and United Kingdom towards the Norway West Coast; 46% Making shore at Asvaerfjorden Region, Mid Norway:North Sweden: Gallivare 48%; Pajala 48%; Sahavaara 48%;

    Northern Finland: Sodankyla 49%;

    Culmination 50% Obscuration Just off of Mikulin Nos in Barents Sea Russia(Ukraine); Kavdor 49%; Staryy-Nadym 48%; Kansk,; Sosnovyy, Radishchev 35%;

    Eastern Mongolia: Toson Domod Mongul

    Western China: Hailar 20%; Songyuan 13%; Changchun;

    North Korea:

    Japan: 1% Fukui, Ono City end in Nagoya area, Mt. Heikegadake. 

      Call Now to find out more!!!! ...

    UAE ; Eastern Africa: Libya, Egypt…; Eastern Asia;
    Eclipse at Greatest Culmination: .
  • JULY 1, 2011 4:54 am DC 10 Degrees CANCER PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE/span>; Will take place Well South of Cape of Good Hope of Africa, off Coast of Antartica; only after Culmination and setting it touches a tip of Icy Land.

Moon Phases (EST):

  • 3rd. Quarter MAY 24, 4 Degrees PISCES, 2:52 pm; DC; ASC 29 VIRGO, MC 29 GEMINI.
  • New MOON JUNE. 1, 12 Degrees GEMINI, 5:03 pm; DC; ASC 1 SCORPIO MC 7 LEO.
  • 1st. Quarter JUNE 8, 18 Degrees VIRGO, 10:11 pm; DC; ASC 12 CAPRICORN, MC 5 SCORPIO.
  • Full MOON JUNE 15, 25 Degrees SAGGITARIUS, 4:15 pm; DC; ASC 3 SCORPIO, MC 8 LEO.
  • 3rd. Quarter JUNE 23, 2 Degrees ARIES, 7:49 am; DC; ASC 28 CANCER, MC 13 ARIES.
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